19 Oktober 2023

PME funding ratio increased

Our funding ratio increased in the third quarter of 2023. Rising interest rates more than made up for the loss on investments. The funding ratio indicates whether we have enough funds to pay all pensions. Now and in the future.

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Join us for an afternoon in Eindhoven

Do you live in or around Eindhoven? And would you like to spend a pleasant and interesting afternoon with us in the Evoluon in Eindhoven on 18 December? Then please register by sending an email to deelnemer@pmepensioenfonds.nl, and mention the word ‘Evoluon’ in the subject line. A great opportunity to meet your former colleagues and catch up on some important topics. Among other things, you will hear whether pensions can be increased in January. We will also discuss the transition to the new pension rules. Please note: the entire programme is in Dutch. Similar meetings will be organised in other parts of the country throughout 2024.

Watch the webinar for an update

Do you live outside the Eindhoven region? Or do you have other plans for 18 December? Don't worry, we will organise a webinar on 7 December. There, too, we will discuss whether pensions go up in January and look ahead to the new pension rules. This live webinar is in Dutch. A recorded video with English subtitles will be made available on our website. 

VGPME to enter dialogue with trade unions and employers

PME is expected to switch to the new pension rules on 1 January 2026. Trade unions and employers together determine what pensions at PME will look like after that. They have been in dialogue about this since the summer. At the end of August, a meeting was held with the Association of PME Pensioners (VGPME). The association outlined its position, while the trade unions and employers addressed the process and timelines. The statutory right to be heard was also discussed. This right gives VGPME the opportunity to react to any provisional agreements. Do you want to know more about VGPME's activities? Go to www.vgpme.nl. There, you can also see how you can become a member of the association.

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Approaching state retirement age? Then think about payroll tax reduction

Perhaps you are already receiving pension from us, but no state retirement pension (AOW) yet. When your state retirement pension commences, you decide for yourself to which income you want the payroll tax reduction (loonheffingskorting) to be applied. This is a reduction over the taxes you pay. Curious to know how you can make the right choice? Read more about it on our website. You can also directly change your choice there.

Your choice for payroll tax reduction

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