19 april 2024

Small rise in PME funding ratio

Our funding ratio increased slightly in the first quarter of 2024. The funding ratio indicates whether we have enough funds to pay all pensions. Now and in the future.

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You will receive your pension on these dates

We will pay your pension on the dates listed below. Usually, the transaction will show up in your bank account on the very same day.

  • Tuesday 23 April
  • Thursday 23 May
  • Monday 24 June
  • Tuesday 23 July

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New pension scheme: employees and employers in talks

The Netherlands has new pension rules. We expect to switch to these new rules on 1 January 2026. Employees and employers are currently discussing how this will happen. They have already established the main points for a new pension scheme. Read more about it on our website.

Main points of the new scheme

Column: brothers in arms

Public calls for pension funds to invest more money in defence companies are increasing. Very understandable, according to our investment strategist Daan Spaargaren. And many funds are more than willing to do so. But this will only work if the government places long-term orders. And if defence companies stop producing controversial weapons.

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We're here to help

Questions about your pension? We will be pleased to help you. You can reach us on business days between 8am and 5pm. Call +31 (0)88 194 70 01, chat with us or send an email to deelnemer@pmepensioen.nl.


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